Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's just tie up the loose ends

In the beginning...well not quite the beginning of my scrapping life but somewhere in there I fell in love with some linen twine.   A few years later I ordered up some cotton twine.   I haven't looked back at the rough, splitting linen though the solid colors are beautiful so I may be writing about that someday but right now bring on the cotton.  I had to have every color.   So I jumped in both feet and now have a little etsy shop by the same name.I wanted some great packaging so I put it on some die cuts.   If you like Tim Holtz die cuts and LOVE twine please check out my shop.   If you are just interested in using some bakers twine to tie up gifts and baked goodies also please check out my shop.

I will be posting project ideas, discounts, and more here with the twine. Photos to come soon.   Please bookmark my blog.