Saturday, May 19, 2012

Twine and seam binding team up with Hello Summer Echo Park Paper

Finally a bit of the twine and seam binding both.   I had some fun with the Hello Summer Echo Park paper.   The card was fun and easy and is Mango Orange seam binding.   I made a slice in the top of the card so that it goes continuous inside the card with I like the bit of  ribbon inside.   The pencil can is on the website with the instructions but I thought I would add them here.

A Perfect little gift to show appreciation to a teach here at the end of the year. Super easy for your kids and you to do.
1. Buy the Hello Summer paper from Scrapbook Doodle.
2. Wait just a short time for the postman to bring that beautiful bright paper to arrive to your easy can it be.
3. Find a empty can of sorts in your panty. This one is a chinese noodle can so not even metal.
4. Cover it with paper from the Hello Summer paper that you buy, card stock, or if metal spray paint. Let your kids spray paint.
5. Drop in some marbles, styrafoam ball, tightly balled newspaper, pinto beans.
6. Decorate your can or let your kids do it. Personalize it.
7. Punch out flower using the Hello Summer pattern paper. I used two different punches so that I had a great little center to my flowers. Or if you have thumb tags use that as your center to the flower and push into the eraser.
6. Buy pencils. Attach flowers with a sewing pin that is cut off.

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